Wonogiri Is An Area That Has Its Own Diversity, Keberagaman dan karakteristik Wonogiri

Wonogiri Is An Area That Has Its Own Diversity

Sovereign Wonogiri – Wonogiri Is An Area That Has Its Own Diversity. Has a variety of characteristics that become the identity of a region. I am one of the many young people who have strong dreams and tips in the field of advancing the quality of education. Continuing education is not just a satisfaction of a degree and a place to excel. However, it can be more than that. The definition in my opinion can be interpreted as being a person who is able to process something to be even better with an innovation and creation that can be accounted for and sustainable. So, it must be mutually agreed that achievement is not only a matter of medals, not only about works that can be published without accountability and sustainability, not only about winning from a competition, and not also the awards obtained. It is deeper in its meaning so that young people are more passionate about the meaning of the word achievement, which includes dedication, responsibility, work, and creativity.

Oriented to the area of course must be more focused and planning. I am grateful that after graduating from Junior High School I received a scholarship program from the Central Java Provincial Government at the Central Java State Vocational High School which provided a place to be able to hold events, as well as to actualize myself. For more or less 3 years in Semarang, I have to be able to take advantage of the time and space given to me. culture, mindset, urban planning, habits, and are always forged in terms of self-character. Character is a fundamental or fundamental thing that must be considered in order to realize reliable, competent, and credible Human Resources. There are many valuable but simple items every day to get used to it backwards and form a critical mindset.

Small things that we usually do out of the many etiquette we are taught, every time we walk the complex area, if we encounter cigarette butts or fallen leaves, we must pick them up and throw them away in the places that have been provided according to their type, we are asked to think about it and follow up on the garbage that has been collected. must be processed and made into something more useful and valuable. Thus creating a system that has a purpose and is sustainable. This makes me think that such a small thing is a mindset that students at Central Java State Vocational High School are trying to instill so that students are expected to be able to convert in other forms of the same thing. When we have strong tips to advance a region, the quality of human resources is the basic key to building ourselves as well as building the country.

I am grateful to hear that there are Wonogiri Regional scholarships that actively support young people in Wonogiri to participate in thinking about sustainable development in Wonogiri. There are several fields that support the progress of an area including SDA (Natural Resources) which is an important aspect in economic development, on the other hand natural resources act as guardians of social relations, because environmental issues themselves are very sensitive when there are things that are in direct contact with them and are felt to be irrelevant. according to existing rules or procedures. Nature must be used properly and correctly. Without natural resources it is impossible for development to occur. There are 2 (two) areas of natural resources, namely Biological and Non-Biological Resources. Wonogiri has abundant natural resources and must be taken seriously, 182,836 hectares. It is divided into 2 parts of the agricultural sector in Wonogiri, in the North and South.

The southern part has the characteristics of little rainfall, calcareous soil, has deep water sources that have not been used optimally, in general only relying on rainfall so that the majority of them cultivate crops. While the northern part is dominant with sufficient rainfall so that it is possible to have wider and diverse agricultural fields supported by good and sufficient irrigation channels. With the produce of Wonogiri Regency including Cassava, Chocolate, Cashew Nuts, Emping Melinjo, Vegetables, Porang which is on the rise and many more. This has become one of the topics and a subject that deserves to be discussed and problem solving immediately taken. This inequality becomes a separate homework so that the region can be boosted by its productivity. Any good young man can come together to find solutions and act together.

There are many students who focus on agriculture, government science, economics, geology and other supporting aspects collaborating with each other to become responsible and empathetic sons of the region, let’s protect and together build the region. Creating a Student Real Creation program that aims to carry out regional development projects, calling all competent regional sons and daughters to participate in accelerating regional development improvements, and much more that can be done in the name of togetherness and regional youth.

This correlates with the second aspect, namely the quality of HR (Human Resources), it must be emphasized that the quality and quantity of human beings must be formed as early as possible, the pattern of education instilled in the family and in schools must be sustainable. Creating a good climate in the association. In this case, I have an idea, a good climate will be supported by a good system, good and fair policies, and regular monitoring. As an illustration, there is an integrated smart village program. It is mandatory for every school agency that has to make cross-work movements with the local area. Villages or regions provide opportunities and cooperation with schools to establish a healthy environment. Make optimal use of public space.

Nugroho Dwi Santoso, 27 Juli 2021

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