Wonogiri Is An Area That Has Its Own Diversity, Keberagaman dan karakteristik Wonogiri

Wonogiri Is An Area That Has Its Own Diversity – Part 2

Sovereign Wonogiri – A village park where there are various complete facilities ranging from sports, literacy, education, social, cultural, and economic aspects. It uses children or students who are the driving force or motor. Literacy is requested per school, there is a journalistic team that shares information about the outside world and positive news. Education is designed by architectural and engineering experts from the region, there are games or rides that are not only games but have added value. Sports are designed in such a way as to meet the characteristics of the region, preferring cycling, running and others. Likewise, other fields or aspects such as social, economic, cultural, and easy access can be designed by competent young people.

Provide work opportunities while advancing regional infrastructure. All of these fields must also be turned on by young people so that a positive climate is created for a village, the creation of healthy and educative green public spaces, the formation of creative and innovative youth characters, forming the entrepreneurial spirit of young people from an early age, and the formation of smart villages.

Regional digitization must be realized immediately, equal distribution of education and health quality must be accelerated, remote village development must be optimized, work distribution must be taken seriously, spatial planning optimization must be made transparent and fair policies, as well as independent fulfillment of basic needs towards regional food sovereignty. In terms of digital, I am currently trying to develop literacy media in which I design for self-development, help build personal branding (personal brand) by providing media to work on online media such as websites, Instagram and other media. Provide full support for all works and positive movements of local children so that they are connected to each other on the internet so as to accelerate the movement of positive circles.

Provide a forum for publication of journals, articles, and other literacy to support the spirit of writing and reading. Helping promotions in online media for MSME activities or independent businesses for free. As a publication media for the children of the Central Java region that has a good impact on self-development to become more productive, achieve, work, serve and carry out other positive movements for the region so that it can be published in the hope of providing positive radiation for the sons and daughters of other regions to continue to improve the quality self. And there are still many platforms that I am still trying to build in the digital world with this Insdu.Id media.

In addition to the digital world which is the basis of my movement in the field for the region, I also have a focus on regional food security where this is the basis that must be strengthened. Good food quality affects the movement of the regional economy and is correlated with the development of the quality of public health. I’m currently trying to develop food security using the hydroponic method, although it’s still on a home scale, I’m sure one day it will develop and become an industrial scale in the Wonogiri area and become a labor-intensive program. The impact is that it becomes a food-independent area even though the majority of us are in areas that are quite hot, so there must be a special behavior for vegetable food, which currently still relies a lot on the highlands which often supply it from other areas.

Even in designing papers or journals, I feel that the data in various fields is sometimes not enough for the Wonogiri area. The pattern of education that must be emphasized now is not just doing questions and answering them. However, there must be an earlier breakthrough so that it can be even more critical, both for students and students. Encouraging and facilitating various research and study programs with local objects to be intensified in order to achieve and keep pace with the times, namely the era of big data (the era of data). It is hoped that Wonogiri has a complete and accurate database that can be updated along with the development of the area itself. So that it can encourage local children to be more productive in conducting studies, literacy, research, and movement of results from the database obtained.

I believe that Wonogiri youth are capable of going global, able to create a positive circle that is integrated with each other in various disciplines. With the idea of “Integrated Smart Village” he hopes to ignite other ideas that are correlated in it. With the idea of “Digitalizing Works” through the Insdu.Id website platform, it is hoped that it can spur the spirit of competition in terms of work, real action, dedication, and other positive movements. With the program to boost “Critical Youth”, it is hoped that a critical mindset and sustainable perspective will be formed. 

Greetings Wonogiri Success, a sovereign and prosperous region. Greetings in the process and enthusiasm for work, O youths of Wonogiri.

Nugroho Dwi Santoso, 2o Agustus 2021

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