Community Active Role in Indonesia

The Active Role of the Community in Building the Country in the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Active Role of the Community – This dynamic era is a must for us to make adjustments. It has been more than a year since the first case of the corona virus disease-19 was recorded in Indonesia. The increasing number of cases makes us continue to be introspective and continue to adapt quickly. Impacts in various fields ranging from tourism, economics, social, education and other fields must immediately transform with an objective. Reporting from various sources, there are small things that have an impact on tackling the spread of this virus, including;

  1. Using Mask

One of the most effective ways to prevent Corona Virus Disease-19 is to use a mask. This tool should be used especially when in public places or interacting with other people.

  1. Keeping the body clean

By washing hands, bathing regularly, and paying attention to tidiness and body hygiene Try to wash hands more often with soap and water for 20 seconds after doing some activities, such as touching an object, holding the front of the mask, when playing with pets and immediately after playing or holding something in public.

  1. Keeping the distance according to protocol

Another 5M that must be done to prevent the Corona Virus Disease-19 is to keep a distance. When outdoors, be sure to stay about 1-2 meters away.

    4. Staying away from the crowd

When in a crowd or crowd, the risk of contracting the Corona Virus Disease-19 becomes higher. If you want to interact with several people, make sure to be outside, wearing a mask, and no more than 5 people.

    5. Reduced Mobility

Everyone must really instill the understanding that if the need is not too urgent, it is better to stay at home. Even though you feel healthy, it’s not necessarily when you’re at home that you stay in the same state or spread the virus to your family at home.

    6. Consume healthy and nutritious food makanan

In this case, immunity and body health must always be considered by paying attention to our daily consumption.

    7. Pay attention to mental health

Physical health must be spiritual. A strong mentality will affect the body’s immune system, by thinking positively and doing positive activities, it is certainly very helpful in this regard.

    8. Pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene at all times

When traveling, always carry a hand sanitizer, a mask and wash your hands frequently, don’t throw rubbish carelessly and always keep the house clean and tidy.

    9. Enough Exercise

Maintaining consumption patterns must be accompanied by adequate exercise. Physical health is one package with spiritual ones that can synergize to improve the quality of our body’s immune.

In this dynamic era, it is proper for us as humans to always position ourselves as best we can in the right place and destination. The current pandemic phenomenon requires us to continue to adapt in various fields, so that things that support life are not static due to the impact of this pandemic. The need for self-awareness to introspect and help others in getting through this pandemic. Start good habits and increase kindness movements for others.


Continue to make adjustments and increase productivity with new adaptations in order to continue to increase the economic productivity of the community and continue to increase positive energy in the community which will have an impact on the survival of the state.

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